Extensive Façade repairs to the Historic Britannia Pavilion – Liverpool

Extensive Façade repairs to the Historic Britannia Pavilion

Our brief

This Project, although possibly perceived by those not in ‘the know’, as a departure for Jennor UK and the traditional & Fit Out works we’re famed for, we’ve been undertaking a wide range of projects for at least the last five years…, from £1 Million pound school extensions to the supply and install of Modular Buildings across the construction industry and all it’s winding tributaries … we’ve seen, and most probably done it all as well!

Fully aware of our capabilities, Jones Lang LaSalle appointed us to repair this River facing façade that has had centuries of Rain and Salt Water driven against it, this has resulted in severe damage to the brickwork and mortar, in turn, causing critical erosion.

Jennor UK were tasked with the following works:-

  • Erect bespoke Scaffold and tie-in to brickwork on relevant elevations.
  • Expose 43 No. tie rod ends embedded in brickwork, using handheld medium duty breakers.
  • Clean corrosion from the tie bar plates with cup brush and applied 2 coats of Macropoxy M922M.
  • Once cured, replace brickwork with matching to line through, using reclaimed brickwork and re-pointed on completion using approved mortar mix.
  • Rake out and re-point defective mortar joints to brickwork across 50% of the whole façade. (Including all required dust extraction to maintain localised cleanliness).
  • Rake out and re-point defective mortar joints to parapet and cornice stonework.
  • Pin cracked arched brickwork with stainless steel threaded bar set into polyester resin.
  • Re-point all flat arch heads.
  • Cut back defective section to stone Cill and restore with matching stone masons mortar.
  • Pin cracked Cill.
  • Replace a number of defective bricks with reclaimed materials to match existing.
  • Remove band of hollow brickwork to the full width of the elevation and reinstate following treatment of plates.
  • Re-decoration of cast iron goods with Tikkurilla paint system
  • Strip Scaffolding and complete with a thorough site clean.

The Result

We worked in a multidisciplinary team including the Building Consultancy Team (JLL), Estates FM Team (CBRE), Structural Engineers (Marston and Grundy), Principal Designer (Northern Safety Solutions), Planning and Specialist Historical Restoration Team (Quadriga).

We successfully Project Managed these complex works, in a busy public area ensuring public and operative safety was effectively managed throughout the works.

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