Turning Workplaces Into Creative Environments

We all know the important role an office plays in a modern business.

With so many options for remote working or working from home, you need a vibrant office that sets the tone for your business and makes employees excited to come to work in the morning.

Closed off cubicles and drab colours don’t cut it anymore. Instead, you need an office that’s a perfect blend of style and function.

At Jennor, that’s exactly what our expert team of designers, fitters, installers and engineers give you.

Working closely with you we’ll put the ideas for your dream office space down on paper, then work to bring that dream to life.

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Office Fit Out In Leeds - Jennor UKOffice Fit Out In Leeds - Jennor UK

Commercial Fit Outs In Leeds

Commercial fit outs are more than ripping down partition walls and installing bean bags and pool tables.

For an office fit out to benefit your business, it’s important to understand how you want your office to work and function, and then put the things in place to make it work.

You might want more open, creative, collaborative spaces or you might want more areas for employees to get their head down and focus on work.

Whatever you’re looking for in your Leeds office fit out, our expert team is on hand to create the right environment for your business’ future.

Office Fit Out Leeds - Jennor UK

Expert Office Fit Out Company In Leeds

Working with Jennor gives you access to a team of experts who can design and manage your office fit out in Leeds from start to finish.

From, designers, to installers to engineers, we hire all the skills we need in-house so you don’t have to worry about third party providers getting involved and inflating your budget or increasing the project’s time.

And with our project managers overseeing the entire office fit out project for you, you can be confident your project will be completed on time, within budget, without you going through the hassle of managing anything yourself.

If you need your team in the office during the refurb, we can work around you to complete the project in the agreed timeframe while creating minimum disruption to your business.

If you're interested in a new office fit out or refurbishment in Leeds, let’s talk.

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Get An Office Fit Out In Leeds With Jennor

A professional office fit out can help breathe new life into your work space and create an office environment that helps your team work in the best way for them.

Whether you need to reconfigure your office to create more space or social areas, or you want to create more desk and work spaces, we’ll help you design and create the best space for your business.

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Office Fit Out Leeds - Jennor UKOffice Fit Out Leeds - Jennor UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an office fit out include?

An office fit out is the process of making your space ready for occupation. It can include everything from installing ceilings, partition walls and floors to rewiring the electrics and cabling to installing your telephone, internet, and office furniture.

Where can I find inspiration for my office fit out?

If you’re struggling with design ideas for your office fit out, you can always look at our previous projects to see what we’ve done for other customers. You could also use popular social media platforms like Pinterest, which has many office fit-out examples and ideas to help you get started.

What’s the best way to plan my office fit out?

How your office eventually looks will be greatly determined by how you plan to use the space once the project is complete. For example, do you want a more open, collaborative focused space, or are you looking for a more traditional look with banks of desks and chairs?

To make the planning phase easier, you should give us a call, and we’ll be able to help you design your ideal office fit out. We can suggest ideas based on recommendations and our decades of experience, or you can use us to bounce ideas off.

Do I need planning permission for an office fit out?

Not necessarily, although serious alterations to the building’s internal layout or structure may need some permissions and compliance with planning or building regulations. Similarly, if you’re in a Grade II listed building, you’ll likely need permission before making any fundamental changes to the structure.

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