How Your Office Looks And Feels Can Set The Tone For Your Entire Company

A well planned and designed office can promote culture, collaboration and creativity – just as an outdated office space can promote fatigue and have your team wanting to stay in bed.

Bring your office back to life with the help of our expert office fit out team in Manchester.

We can help with any office fit out project in Manchester, whether you need to adapt your space for social distancing or better health and safety, or you need to adapt the space to fit with a more hybrid working model.

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Office Refurbishment In Manchester - Jennor UKOffice Fit Out Manchester - Jennor UK

Commercial Fit Outs Manchester

Fitting out your commercial space isn’t just about beanbag chairs, coffee machines and ping pong tables.

It’s about finding the right balance between practicality and work, and creating a space where teams can easily collaborate, sociable and be creative whether they’re in the office all the time – or just some of the time.

Whatever look and feel you want, our expert designers and fitters can work around you and your brand’s specifications to help you come up with a concept for your new office, and then do the work to make it a reality.

Plus, your team don’t have to leave the office while we work, we can work around you and your schedule while causing minimum disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Office Fit Out - Jennor UK

Expert Office Fit Out Company Manchester

When you work with us to fit out your Manchester office, you’re not just getting a team of creatives or a few project manager who will outsource the actual work to other people.

By working with our expert office fit out team in Manchester you’re getting everything you need to transform your workspace under one roof.

From the first design and concept, to the layout to the engineering, electricals and plumbing – we do it all.

It doesn’t just mean you’ll save time and money by not dealing with multiple contractors, you won’t have to waste time organising or arranging workmen because we’ll do it all for you.

That means you’ll get your Manchester office fit out completed faster, and at a better price.

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Get Your Manchester Office Fit Out With Jennor

Refitting and refurbishing your office can help bring your brand back to life and encourage more employees back to office in a vibrant environment.

Make it more collaborative. Make it more sustainable. Just make it a more appealing place to work. Whatever the goal of your refurbishment, our office fit out team in Manchester is waiting to help.

We don’t just put a new coat of paint up. We take the time to understand how you use your office and how you can get the most out of the space.

Once we’ve got your concept down on paper, our in-house team of installers and engineers will turn your plans into a reality.


Office Fit Out Manchester - Jennor UKOffice Fit Out Manchester - Jennor UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my office fit out in Manchester cost?

As much as we’d like to give you a price, because all of our projects are bespoke, the only way to give you an accurate quote would be to talk about your project in more detail.

However, to give you an idea what you’ll pay, our projects are based on the both the size of the project (per sq ft of the space) as well as the specifications you want the fit out to meet.

For example, higher spec projects will cost more.

While we’re unable to give you a firm cost without understanding your project more, you can easily get in touch to discuss your needs and we can provide a price.

How long will my office fit out in Manchester take?

Again, this is a tough one to answer until we understand the scope of the project and the amount of work involved.

It could take as little as four weeks to complete your office fit out, and usually projects take no longer than 12 weeks.

What’s involved in my office fit out?

While each project will be different based on your individual needs, most office fit outs follow the same process.

The first stage will be to understand your current office layout and design and working with you to establish what changes you want to make. Once we’re reconfigured your office, we can get to work refreshing the space.

Once your office fit out is complete there’ll be time to reconfigure to make any final changes and to carry out a review of any snags that need to be worked out and then the final sign off.

What type of office fit out do I need?

There are three types of office fit out you could undertake and which one you choose will depend on the extent to which you want to refresh your workspace:

Shell and core: If you’re moving into a new office space, the developer may have left the space with its exposed concrete walls ceiling and wiring. This is often done to allow companies to customise the workspace immediately. If you’re in this type of space, you’ll need a Category A and Category B fit out.

Category A: Category A fit outs are usually required when the buildings shell and core have been completed but the space still requires the installation of mechanical and electrical services, floor and ceiling covers and fire safety installations.

Category B: Typically a category B fit out involves customising a space that has been completed to fit your requirements. It usually involved elements like data installations, brand signage, light and audio modifications and new furniture or kitchen spaces.

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