Bespoke Office Interior Design

The right office interior design can set the tone for your company’s culture and help contribute towards a sense of community that brings your employees together.

Turn your office into a workspace that’s as unique as your business with our fully bespoke office interior design service.

From concept to fit out, we’ll help you create the image of your ideal work environment, and then bring it to life with our in-house team.

Whether you want a fully open plan for complete collaboration, or something a little more contemporary with a modern twist, our office interior designers are here for you.

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Modern office design

Modern office design isn’t about bean bag chairs and pool tables.

It’s about adapting where we work to create a vibrant, collaborative environment that best reflects our culture and brand.

You don’t want generic when it comes to your workplace.

You want a space that represents your business and shows employees what you’re all about.

At Jennor our approach to modern office design will help you create a place that sparks creativity, boosts morale and build an environment that’s fit for the modern world of work.

Our approach is all about exceeding your expectations and delivering a high quality fit out that gives you the bespoke workspace you need.

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Coworking space design

Coworking spaces are ideal for fast moving, modern businesses looking for a home but want to surround themselves with other like minded companies.

Coworking space design should be all about fostering that feeling of collaboration between businesses, creating an appealing, functional workspace that’s equal parts work and play.
Designing a coworking space can be challenging because you’re trying to cater for so many different businesses which need different things from where they work.

But the right coworking space design can give you the perfect balance of modern, open plan spaces, with the right combination of private spaces when productivity is most important.

Work with us and our team can plan and create your coworking space from concept to fit out that provides a range of different, flexible work areas without compromising on the community feel you want out of a coworking office.

If you’re ready to start designing your perfect office space, get in touch.

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about getting your project started!

A reliable office design company

You want an innovative office space that makes your employees excited about coming to work every day.

But we understand you have to work within a budget and when it comes to developments, delays cost time and money.

Our track record speaks for itself and we can guarantee to create your new workspace to specification, on time and on budget.

We provide all the services you need in-house. From design and concepts, to constructions and fit outs, we do it all.

And because we’re a full service office interior design company, it means you don’t have to worry about juggling workmen or jobs that need doing before others can start, because we’ll manage it all for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you design an office space layout?

Designing an office space layout is more about understanding how you plan to use the workplace than it is figuring out the latest cool furniture you need to move in.

You should start by assessing what you need out of the workspace. Sketch some ideas of how you imagine people moving around. Do you want ‘breakout’ spaces or areas specifically for collaboration?

Do you need to consider noise and distractions if you’re going for an open plan and does that mean creating some quieter areas for people to go to concentrate?

By understanding how you want your space to work, you’ll find the design of an office space much more effective.

Why is office design so important?

With shifts to hybrid working and we use offices, a good office design has never been more important.

As more people work from home and the need for large commercial spaces decline, it’s more a question of how to make the most of what you have.

Whether it’s creating more areas for collaboration or redesigning spaces so employees feel safe when they come to work, office design is critical.

Beyond this, your office sets the tone for the culture and sense of community you want in your workplace.

Get it right and you’ll have a vibrant workspace where people want to be. Get it wrong and the consequences for your business could be severe.

What are types of office layout?

There’s a whole range of office layouts and the one you choose will be largely guided by the way you want your business to operate.

Some of the most common types of office space we deal with include:

  • Open plan: If you’re keen on collaboration then open plan is the ideal layout for you. With an open plan office you’re more reliant on using the furniture to create and define workspaces, rather than relying on partitioned walls.
  • Office cubicles: While less popular than they used to be, office cubicles are still a good option when you need employees to be able to concentrate. They work by using partition walls to create the cubicle for your employee to work in.
  • Hybrid office space: This is becoming more popular as a compromise between having an open plan office that works for collaboration, while also providing quiet spaces when employees need to concentrate.

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