Whether you need to upgrade your commercial lighting to provide a safer working environment or need better data cabling to improve the connectivity of your office, at Jennor we’re experts in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial electrical services.

From lighting control systems, to cable management to complete electrical testing and inspection, we’ve got experience providing electrical services to all kinds of businesses through the industrial, commercial and retail sectors.

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Electrical fit out contractors

If you’re moving into a new office space or refitting your commercial unit, it might involve a rethink of your electrical systems.

Whether it’s repositioning outlets to fit in with a new area design, adapting a new lighting system or installing new cabling to manage a more complex computer network, we can get you up and running quickly.

Our electrical fit out contractors are experts in the complete design and installation of commercial electricals.

They can help you come up with the right design for your new electrical system so it’s efficient and safe, and then carry out the installation and testing.

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Commercial electrical safety testing & inspection

Getting your commercial electrics tested for safety compliance is a legal requirement.

These tests must be carried out using the correct equipment, by a qualified, certified electrician.

At Jennor our NICEIC certified commercial electrical inspectors and testers can ensure your electrical systems are compliant with all the relevant requirements.

Our thorough tests make sure your electricals were installed correctly and continue to comply with the highest regulatory and safety standards to keep your business property, and employees safe.

We’ll carry out periodic inspections and testing of your electrical systems and provide you with the necessary checks and paperwork to certify your compliance.

If we discover any issues, we can recommend how you can put them right, and even help with the work.

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Commercial electrical services from Jennor

We’ve got the experience to carry out commercial electrical installations, rewiring, safety inspections and testing for any type of business premises, no matter how big or small.

We’re a trusted and reliable commercial electrical contractor working throughout the UK for all kinds of businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is rewiring your office essential?

Not necessarily but it could be if your existing wiring is damaged or deteriorating as this could cause a serious safety hazard for you and your employees.

As well as causing your systems or fuses to trip or blow regularly, causing huge disruption to your company, in the most extreme circumstances old and faulty wiring can potentially create sparks that could cause a fire or electric shock.
If your existing wiring is posing a safety hazard, or is no longer fit for purpose, then a rewiring will be essential.

How much would a rewire cost?

A lot of the cost depends on the complexity of the rewire as this will impact the time needed for the work, as well as any parts or components.

The cost of an office rewire will usually be split into two categories.

Cost for labour, and cost for parts.

Labour costs are typically charged by the hour and you’ll get an estimate of these costs before you sign up to a rewiring project. The other costs will be for any additional wiring, cables, fixtures and panels you might need installed.

Your electrician should be able to give you an accurate quote for your project after an initial survey.

How long will a rewire take?

Unfortunately there’s no one single answer to this as it depends entirely on the individual project.

It’s possible for a simple rewire to be completed within 5-10 working days, provided there are no complications.

The actual time will depend on the size of the property and the complexity of the work, for example replanning electrical wiring to make it safer or more efficient, to installing new wiring and installing new fittings.

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