Getting employees excited about coming into work starts by giving them an environment they want to be in.

Coming in to a bland, boring space won’t inspire them to do their best work, it could leave them unmotivated and looking elsewhere.

Whether you’re looking for a full refurbishment for your Manchester office or just a quick refresh, our in-house team of designers can help.

We’ll work with you to put your vision down on paper and then bring it to life to give you and your team the kind of lively, exciting and inspiring space that will have them doing their best work – and loving it at the same time.

Office Refurbishment In Manchester - Jennor UKOffice Refurbishment In Manchester - Jennor UK

Create A Healthier Space With An Office Refurb Manchester

Creating a healthier work environment is a key part of enticing employees back to the office.

Whether you want them back full-time, or are sticking with a hybrid working model, having an office that employees don’t just feel motivated and inspired in – but safe in – is essential.

But that doesn’t mean making sacrifices on your office layout.

We can help you adapt your office space to meet any distancing or safety measures you want to implement, while ensuring your space still represents your business’ culture and provides a practical place for employees to work.

Using our expertise we’ll design, plan and deliver an office refurbishment in Manchester that fits how you want your business to work.

Office Refurbishment In Manchester - Jennor UK

Looking For Sustainable Office Refurbishment In Manchester?

Modern offices say a lot about the companies that use them, especially when it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

We’re always trying to make office refurbishment more sustainable so it’s better for the planet, as well as providing a stylish, practical workspace for you and your team.

If you’re in an older office, we can work with you to update it and create a more environmentally friendly workspace, without sacrificing style and practicality.

If you’re ready to breathe new life into your workspace, our office refurbishment services will fit the bill.

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about getting your project started!

Attract, Retain And Inspire Staff With An Office Refurbishment Manchester

How we think about the office has changed completely.

With more employees seeing working from home as a viable alternative, it’s time to start creating better office spaces that will not just entice your current employees back, but help you attract and retain new talent too.

No matter what office style you want, whether modern or contemporary, whether you want a pure workspace or a more sociable office feel, we’ve got the expertise to carry your office refurbishment in Manchester.

We’ll help you take the hassle out of office refurbishments.

From concept to layout to fit out, our team of experts will be with you every step of the way to make sure you get the office you want in the budget you set.


Office Refurbishment In Manchester - Jennor UKOffice Refurbishment Manchester

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plan my office refurbishment?

The easiest way to start planning your office refurbishment is to get in touch with us and let us help you create the office you’ve always wanted.

But there are things you should think about if you’ve started to think your office could need freshening up.

One of the main things is to think about why you want a refurb, do you need to adapt to remote working for example.

You should also create a wish list of the things you want your dream office to have and then you can work out what’s practical.

You’ll also need a budget as this will help you work out what’s realistic.

How much will my office refurbishment cost?

This depends on the scope and requirements of your project. Most projects are priced based on the office size being adapted and the specifications and equipment needed. It’s impossible to give an accurate quote without understanding the full details of your project.

If you’re ready to refurbish your office, get in touch and we’ll provide you with a price.

What’s the difference between an office fit out and an office refurbishment?

The main difference between the two is that an office fit out is usually completed on a new office space while a refurbishment is carried out on your existing space.

Other than that, there’s not much difference between the two.

If you decide to get your office refurbishment with us, we’ll work closely with you to understand the objectives of your refurbishment and the scope of the project, and then we’ll project manage the entire process for you.

How long will my office refurbishment take?

This depends on the scope and scale of the project and there’s no way to give an accurate answer until we understand both these things.

If your office refurbishment is a simple replacement of furniture or outdated equipment it could be completed within 4-6 weeks while a full refurbishment could take as long as 12 weeks.

All of our office refurbishment plans have built in contingency to account for any delays, so you never have to worry about your office refurbishment taking longer than we’ve suggested.

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