Let us take care of all your decoration and repair works before you relocate with our office dilapidation services.

When you’re at the end of your lease and are preparing to vacate your commercial property, you might need to carry out some decorations or repairs to return your office to its original state.

We can make the process easy and efficient, and cost effective.

Whether you need us to return your floors and ceilings to their original state or refresh the decorations, we’ll return your dilapidated office to a great condition so you can move out without any complications.

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Efficient dilapidation refurbishment

If you’ve made changes to your leased office space, you’ll likely be responsible for returning it to its original state when you move out.

Our expert team will help you deal with any office dilapidation repairs or redecorating without causing disruption to your operations.

We’ll work with you to understand what work needs to be carried out based on your lease agreement and the changes you might have made to your office space, and then set out to return your office to its former glory.

Our professional decorators will take care of everything so you can be assured we’ll leave your former office space in excellent condition ready for its new tenants.

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Complete office dilapidation

Office dilapidations can be complicated projects.

You have a responsibility as part of your lease to maintain your commercial space and return it to the original state when you’re ready to leave.

Our office dilapidation services cover everything you’ll need for your project from decoration and repairs to alterations.

What you don’t want to end up in is a dispute with your commercial landlord over changes you’ve made that haven’t been fixed to standard.

That’s why we work with you and your landlord that returns your office to a standard that suits both parties.

By working with you both we can get a complete understanding of your dilapidation documents so we can carry out any work efficiently and quickly with no delays.

Our office dilapidation services include everything from liaising with you and your landlord, surveying every room you’ve occupied and completing all the building and refurbishment you need.

If you’re ready to start your project, get in touch.

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about getting your project started!

Get your office dilapidation services with Jennor

At Jennor we’re experienced in completing commercial dilapidations to the highest professional standards for office spaces both large and small.

We offer the complete package that makes office dilapidation easy and cost effective.

Whatever type of commercial property you’re leaving behind, we’ll work with you and the relevant parties to return your space back to the best possible state.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is office dilapidation?

Office dilapidation is the process of repairing and restoring your commercial space back to its original state at the end of your lease and before a new tenant moves in.

It is often a part of your commercial lease that any changes you make to your office while you’re there must be reversed when you move.

We’ll work with all parties to ensure all requirements are met.

How do I plan office dilapidation?

The first thing to understand is how office dilapidations feature in your lease agreement. This will help you avoid any additional costs to your landlord if they have to carry out any repairs.

Once you understand how dilapidation feature in your lease, you’ll need to carry out a survey of all the changes you’ve made when adapting your office or any decorations and repairs that will need to be carried out to return your old space back to its original state.

Who pays for a schedule of dilapidations?

As the outgoing tenant in a commercial space you’ll likely be responsible for the costs of dilapidations.

You can check your commercial lease to understand what responsibilities you have.

If you fail to comply with your responsibilities your landlord could make a claim against you.

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