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At Jennor Our speciality is office fit-outs in Chester; we can transform small, uninspiring workspaces into creative, collaborative spaces that complement your brand and make workers look forward to going into work.

We have a team that can assist you with any task, whether it’s remodelling your workspace to make it more conducive to hybrid working, creating more areas for collaboration or just feeling like your workplace needs some TLC.

You understand the importance of having a first-rate office space for your company, particularly in light of the growing prevalence of hybrid working.

We’ve got the expertise to turn your office space into a work place you can be proud of.

Commercial Fit Outs Chester

Our team offers comprehensive knowledge ranging from ideas to floor designs, engineering to installations, providing all you require for an effective office fit out in Chester in just one place.

We can assist you in creating a design that is both functional and consistent with your brand, whether you’re looking for a more traditional office with desk banks and cubicles or a more modern setup with collaborative areas and breakout spaces.

We simplify and eliminate all the hassles from the project.

Every step of the process will involve close collaboration between your design team and installation specialists, giving you constant project updates and final approval on everything, ensuring that you receive the office you required.

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Use An Expert Office Fit Out Company Chester

Fitting out your new office can be difficult.

When you’re also attempting to operate a business, organising quotations, scheduling engineers and labourers, and project managing may be a lot and get overwhelming.

Not with Jennor.

You’re not merely employing a team of engineers, project managers, or designers when you work with us to complete your office fit out in Chester.

You are working with a whole team to manage every aspect of your office fit-out.

We provide all the professionals you need to complete your office fit out swiftly and effectively, including designers, engineers, electricians, and plumbers.

We take all the hassle away from you so there’s no need to worry about jobs getting delayed or working with different contractors.

Because we do everything you could possibly need for your office fit-out, you simply work with one point of contact who will manage everything for you.

If you're interested in a new office fit out or refurbishment in Chester, let’s talk.

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about getting your project started!

Get Your Office Refit In Chester With Jennor

Refitting your office doesn’t have to be costly or difficult.

The end result can boost team morale, cooperation, and motivation..

If sustainability is a concern for you, we constantly strive to make our business renovations as eco-friendly as we can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an office fit out?

Your office fit out is all about customising and reconfiguring the internal layout and facilities in your office so it better fits the needs of your business.

It could be redesigning the layout and flow of the office, installing, or reconfiguring workstations or installing new kitchen or breakout facilities and meeting rooms.

Essentially your office fit out can involve any kind of work you want as long as it falls within the building regulations.

How do I plan my office fit out?

No office fit out is ever the same but how you plan your fit out will likely follow the same process.

First you need to review how you plan to use your office and what essential components you need.

Are you going to opt for open plan or closed cubicles, do you need breakout areas or a kitchen, do you need separate meeting spaces?

You also need to plan what kind of data connections you’ll need for the wifi, and also any audio or visual needs you’ll have in meeting rooms.

Once you’ve planned all this out, you’ll need to find the right equipment and furniture to help turn your office space into a practical but comfortable place for employees to work.

What category of office fit out do I need?

The category of office fit out you need for your workspace will depend on the type of office development you’re involved in and the stages to which the office has been developed.

A shell and core development for example is when the developer only creates the base ‘shell’ of the office while leaving ceiling and wiring exposed so the internal fit out can be completed before the tenant moves in.

This is more typical of new build offices or in those when tenants are moving out and want to scale the office back to a shell so the new tenants can redesign their space much easier.

A category A refit typically involves the installation of electrical services as well as the floor and ceiling covers to be installed. In this category, much of the structural work has been completed and the project is more about configuring the work spaces.

A category B fit out usually involves less of the structural fit outs and involves the installation of data cables for wifi, brand signage, the installation of audio and visual points and equipment and modifications to kitchen spaces or meeting rooms.

How long will my office fit out take?

There is no way to give an accurate timetable for an office fit out without first understanding the scope and the requirements of the individual project

A basic office fit out could take place within four weeks, while a more complex fit out that involves reconfiguring the space and installation of new areas or equipment could take up to 12 weeks.

We also plan contingency into all of our projects in the events of delays.

Get in touch with us to talk through the requirements of your office fit out and we’ll be able to give you a better idea of the timescale for your project.

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