Whether you’re looking for an office desk or office chair, or need to fully kit out your workspace with new furniture, at Jennor we’ve got an office furniture collection that offers what you need.

Whatever the style you’re looking for, from modern office furniture to something a little more contemporary, you’ll be able to find something with us.

We’ve handpicked all of our office furniture from the leading brands and manufacturers to provide a wide choice for you.

From office furniture sets to single items, we guarantee we’ve got something to match what you’re looking for.

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The best commercial office furniture

It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking to update your office desks and chairs, want to update your meeting rooms to impress clients or create better connectivity for your devices, at Jennor we provide the full range of furniture for any office.

As well as providing a wide selection of office furniture that you can view online or in our showroom, we provide a complete design and installation service to help get your new office up and running quickly.

We can help with every stage of your office refit, from concept and design ideas, to finding the right furniture and accessories to delivering and setting up your new office.

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Expert office furniture suppliers and fitters

We know the way we work and think about the office has changed.

Whether you’re planning to get everyone back or are looking at a more hybrid approach to work in the future, we’ll help you design and fit a stylish, functional office space that works for you.

Simply choose from our wide range of office furniture to create a customised office space that works for your business.

We can help design and deliver your new office layout and furniture quickly, so you can concentrate on getting back to business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What furniture do I need for the office?

This is entirely down to your preference and what you want to get out of your office space.

As a minimum you’ll likely need to invest in office desks and chairs to provide a comfortable workspace for your employees.

The rest is down to you.

Do you have a meeting room in need of some new furniture or do you want to create some breakout areas where employees can relax and wind down on breaks?

If you’re not sure what type of furniture you’ll need, our office interior designers can help come up with some concepts to get you started.

How to choose the best furniture for the office

Choosing the best office furniture is just like choosing the best sofa at home.

You need something practical that fits into a space, but you also want something stylish and comfortable.

Start by looking at how your employees work.

A comfortable office chair and good sized desk are a minimum so your employees can work.

After that it’s up to you.

Maybe you want a stand-up desk for employees who don’t like the idea of sitting down all day.

Perhaps your meeting rooms have seen better days and aren’t leaving clients with a lasting impression.

Or maybe you want to create some better breakout spaces so employees can relax a bit more on breaks rather than spending all day sat at a desk.

How often should you update your office furniture?

It depends why you’re updating your office furniture and which office furniture you’re updating.

Office chairs, for example, should be replaced every five to seven years on average.

This is because overtime the seat cushioning and back support will wear down and won’t provide as much support for your employees’ posture as it should.

As the furniture wears down and becomes less comfortable, it will be harder for your employees to concentrate on their work and they’ll be less productive.

Apart from the support aspect of your office furniture, if it’s starting to show signs of damage then it’s worth considering an upgrade.

Remember, your office’s purpose isn’t just to provide a functional workspace. It should set the tone for your brand and culture.

What does it say about your business if you’re expecting employees to work on uncomfortable, ripped chairs or at damaged desks?

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