Our modular buildings can be a very quick, high-quality solution to your needs

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent structure for your business, at Jennor we can design and create the perfect modular building to match your needs.

Whatever space you have available you can be sure that Jennor can provide you with a building that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Modular buildings don’t have to be small compact spaces anymore, we can provide an open plan layout that includes all the facilities you may require.

From office to educational spaces, we guarantee we’ve got something to match what you’re looking for.

Office Fit Outs in Warrington by Jennor

The best modular buildings

It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for a space for an office, want to create a meeting room to impress clients or create better educational facilities, at Jennor our modular buildings can be a very quick, high-quality solution to your needs.

Modular buildings can be expanded or reconfigured to match changing needs within your organisation. We provide a complete design and installation service to help get your new modular building up and running quickly.

Office fit out & modular buildings in Warrington

Experts in Modular Buildings

Modular construction differs from traditional construction with the major benefit being a significant time saving from start to occupation. As an example, a completed modular office building can be occupied up to 50% faster than traditional construction methods. If you are working to a tight timeline in your programme, we’ll help you design and fit a stylish, functional modular building that works for you.

Modular buildings are extremely durable and flexible in design, with the ability to be connected side-by-side or end to end and configured in multi-storeys to give endless possibilities in terms of scale and layout. We can help design and deliver your new modular building quickly, so you can concentrate on getting back to business.

kitchen and office fit out Warrington by Jennor UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build in small areas with limited space?

We would conduct a site survey and advise you of the best approach and building for your needs.

We have experience in providing buildings in smaller areas and ensuring the building is placed in the correct position to maximise the space available.

Modular buildings can be double or triple stacked to create a larger available space even with a smaller footprint area.

Can modular building be put inside our warehouse?

The location of modular buildings is extremely flexible. We can install modular buildings inside of warehouses and larger buildings to create smaller offices and working environments that suit your business needs.

We would work with you on creating the space and organising the installation of the buildings with the minimum amount of disruption to the working environment.

Can I relocate a modular buliding?

Yes, modular buildings can be relocated. We would work with your team to assess both the existing site and the proposed new site and discuss the costs involved with the move and the timescales involved in the relocation.

Can you provide kitchen and toilet facilities in the building?

Modular buildings can be constructed just like other traditional buildings and can include any toilet facilities or kitchen facilities required.

We have constructed modular buildings that include access ramps, kitchens, toilets and canteen facilities.

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